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Kris Newlin is a registered-board certified art therapist who uses mixed media with her clients. As a licensed professional counselor, she understands that these past years have been a challenge for the entire world. She believes that art is what the world needs to pull it together rather than pull it apart. Her "Growing Together" work submitted is a camera lens with hands of all colors reaching towards the center. They represent different perspectives from the different people. Even though our stories are seen through a different lens, we can share our experience through art, such as film, and growing closer and stronger together.

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The Branson International Film Festival is a non-profit

organization in the state of Missouri (84-2943904)

all donations are tax deductible.


Branson IFF - where the Faith-based Film making Family comes together to grow.

BransonIFF is a Christian, faith-based, family friendly festival. All films will be free of nudity, profanity and sexual content.  The Festival is designed to educate, equip and empower Christian Filmmakers from around the world, right here in the heartland of the United States.

"Branson is the perfect place for such a festival. It's large community of existing entertainers and it's heartbeat for God and country make it a natural environment for growing Christian filmmakers. Plus the good 'ol fashioned hospitality makes it memorable for visitors." Deborah Watson- Curator

Our Mission

Is to educate, equip, and empower filmmakers in the area of
Story, Funding, Production, Distribution.

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Peggy Reyes
Event Director
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Gayla Prewitt

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Deborah Watson

We understand how much blood, sweat, tears and capital you put into your work. It is our intention to provide an affordable space where you can showcase your work and network with others. No matter if you have already connected with a solid production crew and are standing together to support the work you did, or here to meet actors, actresses, DPs, engineers, or students looking for work; our festival fosters camaraderie in the industry. Please let us know how we can improve our service to you by emailing us today through the link below.


Your passion drives your performance and it shows in your work. The hours of memorizing, rehearsing, and preparing for the moment. The director calls, "Cut! That's a wrap." and it's all over. Yet it's only the beginning of Act II, as you walk away from your temporary family, and wait for the screenings, premieres, and award ceremonies. Then Act III starts when it's released to the public viewing audience. Time to move one to the next story, the next set, the next temporary family. Yet something magical happens at festival. You begin to see people from your previous work that is being screened. A family reunion. A time to celebrate. A time to reconnect and network with new people with the same passion. Come with your head shots, resumes, business cards, and digital devises to stay connected with producers, directors, and other cast members. You could be the person that the directors are looking for to be in their next production.


It is said great books make epic films. Production companies and distribution centers pursue best sellers and go after content that sells. How do authors who are not on New York's best sellers list connect with producers and directors? They go to events where producers and directors can be found and hire them to produce their story into digital content or sell their story to them. The more people know about you and your work, the more chance your story will be produced. We welcome authors to join us and connect with people at the festival. Come as attendees or be a vendor and sell your books to those that are looking for new content to produce. The possibilities are limitless.