Congratulations to the winners of our 2nd Annual film festival

The top award - AGAPE AWARD recipient, received recognition with the plague of achievement. (pictured below)

1st place winners who were present to receive their award, received a medal of honor.(pictured below)


2nd place winners receive 1 FREE VIP pass to next years festival.


3rd place winners receive 1 FREE submission through filmfreeway every year for the next 5 years.


Again, congratulations, now, let's go create content.

Best Full Feature

The Open Door - 1st place

Mattie - 2nd place

Susan - 3rd place

Mattie - Georgia

Second Chance - Indiana

My 3 Boys - North Carolina

Devil, Get The Heck Out of Here - Texas

Daddy - Florida

Susan - United Kingdom

The Open Door - Wisconsin

The White Rider - Missouri

Best Music Score

Mattie - 1st place

The Open Door - 2nd place

Devil, Get the Heck Out of Here - 3rd place

The Open Door - Wisconsin

Mattie - Georgia

Devil, Get the Heck Out of Here - Texas

Best Cinematography

Susan - 1st place

Golnesa - 2nd place

Daddy - 3rd place

Susan - Florida

Golnesa - Iran

Daddy - Florida

Best Actor

Michael Jeske - 1st place

Cameron Arnett - 2nd place

Michell Thornton - 3rd place

Sean Hunt as Chapman in The White Rider - Missouri

Cameron Arnett as Sam Sr. in Mattie -Georgia  

Michael Jeske as Sam in The Open Door - Wisconsin

David Ruprecht as Roy in The Open Door - Wisconsin

Cleto Rodriquez as himself in Devil, Get the Heck out of Here. - Texas

Michell Thornton as Paul in Susan -  United Kingdom                         

Best Young Actor

Jarvious Johnson - 1st place

Ian Doherty - 2nd place

Makari Garfield - 3rd place

Jarvious Johnson as Sam Jr in Mattie - Georgia                

Ian Doherty as Ray in Daddy - Florida         

Makari Garfield as AJ in My 3 Boys - North Carolina      

Best Actress

Cynthia Perry - 1st place

Jennifer Preston - 2nd place

Harriet Burnette - 3rd place

BJ Arnett as Annie in Mattie - Georgia    

Cynthia Perry as Betty Jean in Mattie - Georgia

Jennifer Preston as Susan in  Susan - United Kingdom

Megan Ann Jackobs as Madison in The Open Door - Wisconsin

Harriet Burnette as Maybeline in My 3 Boys - North Carolina                          

Best Young Actress

Sarah Fore - 1st place

Lexi Delarosa, Brianna Hope Beaton - 2nd place

Morgan McKervey, Dakota Bruton, Maria Guerra - 3rd place

*** 2nd and 3rd place were selected to honor them collectively as a team because they worked together as a team

Sarah Fore as Gracie Gail in The White Rider - Missouri    

Brianna Hope Beaton as Mattie in Mattie - Georgia                     

Lexi Delarosa as Caroline in Mattie - Georgia               

Morgan McKervey as Payton Fairbanks in Second Chance - Indiana                             

Dakota Bruton as Sydney Benedict in Second Chance - Indiana

Maria Guerra as Alexis Campbell in Second Chance - Indiana

Alyssa Marchelletta as Sarah in Daddy - Florida        

Holly Lawton as Lisa in Susan - United Kingdom                              

Best Supporting Actor

Rodger Allen Jones - 1st place

Christopher Mulvin - 2nd place

Chad Light - 3rd place

Rodger Allen Jones as Louie in Second Chance -Indiana        

Mychal Wayne as the Pizza Shop Manager in Daddy - Florida             

Chad Light as the Adoptive Father in Daddy - Florida                           

Christopher Mulvin as Prisoner in Susan - United Kingdom          

Best Supporting Actress

Juli Tapken - 1st place

Joan Schuermeyer - 2nd place

Jessica Ramirez - 3rd place

Juli Tapken as Adrienne Fairbanks in Second Chance - Indiana     

Jessica Ramirez as Herself in Devil Get the Heck Out of Here - Texas         

Juli Ann Dinneweth as Adoptive mother in Daddy - Florida                     

Joan Schuermeyer as Mother Taylor in My 3 Boys - North Carolina                      

Best Music Video

Heal me - Canada

Best Student Film

Two Rails from Hell - 1st place

A Simple Moment - 2nd place

Under Pressure - 3rd place

Love After Love - China

Under Pressure - Ohio

A Simple Moment - Ohio

Two Rails from Hell - Missouri

My Red Ball - Canada

A Pair of Horns on a Female Homo Sapiens - Iran

Operation Generic: Reloaded

The Mountain Above - Brazil

Best Documentary

Miracle Matt - 1st place

Reinventing Rosalee - 2nd place

Go - 3rd place

Reinventing Rosalee - California

Behind the Woods and Across the Sea - Virginia

Miracle Matt - Florida

The Vision - Missouri

Go - Kansas

Essie - Alabama

Salt - Bangladesh

Voices From the Silence - Italy

Closure - Nebraska

The dome of universe - Iran

Izeh - Iran

Horns Out - Texas

Faith on Trial - Tennessee

1517 The Flame Rekindled - Tennessee

The Return of Harbor Porpoises to San Francisco Bay - California

2017 Great American Solar Eclipse - California

Creative Artistic Works

Waiting for you - 1st place

Love in the Dark - 2nd place

With my own two hands - 3rd place

Silent - Turkey  

A Lost Penny - France

Nevermind - Turkey

Exist - Iran

Wind and Plaster - Turkey

Ignis Fatuus - Argentina

Waiting For You - Texas

Love in the Dark - Iran

Subconscious - Ukraine

Space Tourist - Colorado

I’ll Walk With God -  United Kingdom

With My Own Two Hands - France

Time and Love and I - Georgia

Best Short Film

Parallel City- 1st place

Epiphany- 2nd place

93 Miles- 3rd place

Oh Aching Soul - Wisconsin

Always Come Home - Kansas
Rachel’s Pitch - South Carolina

Torn Purple - Ohio

Crave - Iowa

Epiphany - United Kingdom

93 Miles - Massachusetts

The Fiend at my Elbow - Oklahoma

Refuge - Alabama

Complicated Dance - Philippines

Our Mud - Philippines

Parallel City - United Kingdom

The List - Oklahoma
The Lost Wallet - Washington

The Lover - Florida

The last moment of ceasefire - India  

A frame for solitude - Iran

Angels Unaware - Texas

Yushka - Russia- 3rd place

Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

I love you Truly - United Kingdom

Modern American Nightmare - California

Best Music Score

I Love You Truly - 1st place

I'll Walk With God- 2nd place

Tapferkeit- 3rd place

Tapferkeit - Utah

Bump - Alabama

Alienation - Louisiana
I love you truly - United Kingdom

I’ll walk with God - United Kingdom

Tomislavov Dnevnik- Taiwan

Epiphany - United Kingdom

Best Cinematography

Epiphany - 1st place

Torn Purple - 2nd place

Yushka - 3rd place

Tapferkeit - Utah

Forever My Love - California

Pickpocket - France

Refuge - Alabama

Epiphany - United Kingdom
Torn Purple - Ohio

The Covet - Florida

Yushka - Russia

Domb - India

Best Actor

Fatmir Haliti - 1st place

Jerry Wisner - 2nd place

Danny Royce - 3rd place

Lorenzo Ferrari as The Priest in Mystical Crisis - Italy

Bob Harmon as Bill inThe Fiend at my elbow - Oklahoma

Danny Royce as Baseball Player in 93 Miles - Massachusetts

Andre Fyffe as Lenny in Epiphany - United Kingdom

Jonathan Bocinsky as Dustin in Crave - Iowa

Edmund Attrill as Tristan in Parallel City - United Kingdom

Jerry Wisner as Joe in The Lover - Florida

Fatmir Haliti as Burmi in Thundra - Kosovo          

Best Actress

Jamie Grace - 1st place

Kimberly Adams - 2nd place

Sarah Worley - 3rd place

Sarah Worley as Maria in Refuge - Alabama  

Jamie Grace as Rachel in Rachel’s Pitch - South Carolina  

Krystal Millie Valdes as Girlfriend in 93 Miles - Massachusetts 

 Elaina Hagstrom as Olivia in Crave - Iowa   

Kimberly Adams as Jessica Maudlin in Parallel City - United Kingdom

Stevie Conway as Melody in The Lover - Florida                              

​Best Supporting Actor

Justin Marosa - 1st place

Michele Bellio - 2nd place

Jude Delos Santos - 3rd place

Michele Bellio as Man in Crisis in Mystical crisis - Italy

Justin Marosa as James in Epiphany - United Kingdom      

Jude Delos Santos as father in Our Mud -Philippines    

Andrew Bowen as Mr. McKnight in Rachel's Pitch - S. Carolina

Best Supporting Actress

Karen Walker - 1st place

Olga Aloian - 2nd place

Stevie Cavalier- 3rd place

Stevie Cavalier as Claire in Refuge - Alabama  

Karen Walker as The fiend in The Fiend at my Elbow - Oklahoma 

Amy Montgomery as Ellen Hume in Torn Purple - Ohio  

Christiana Smith as Emma in The Game - Mississippi 

Olga Aloian as the Painter in All Living Things Go to Heaven -Russia       

Best Young Actor

Iyad Hachachana - 1st place

Naeim Sheikh - 2nd place

Artur Aloian - 3rd place

Jan Nopra Fajardo as Victor in Our Mud - Philippines 

Eubert Orlanda as Roland in Our Mud - Philippines

Artur Aloian as Young Boy in All living things go to Heaven - Russia       

Mohammad Sarvari as Karim in The fishnet and fish - Iran               

Erfan Arefkhani as Young Boy in Childhood Dream - Iran       

Sunny as boy in Through the Looking Glass         

Naeim sheikh Mahbobi as deaf boy in Are You Volleyball - Iran  

Hamed Nadri as Boys friend in Are You Volleyball - Iran

Douglas Steyner as John in Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

Olle Frellin as Mika in Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

Iyad Hachachana as Trisomia Boy in Human - Algeria

Rahul Kamble as son in 15 august - India


Best Young Actress


Maggie Montgomery - 1st place

Mikayla House - 2nd place

Kaylan Teague - 3rd place

Maggie Montgomery as Margaret D in Torn Purple - Ohio 

Kaylan Teague as Jennifer Edwards in Parallel City - United Kingdom  

Mikayala House as Kaylee in The Game - Mississippi     




Best Biblical Story

Prelude to the King - 1st place

Road to Emmaus - 2nd place

The Garden - 3rd place

The Garden - by Daniel Glaser

Prelude to the King - David Helling

Road to Emmaus - David Helling


Best Teaser

Negative - 1st place

Futbol - 2nd place

Benevolent - 3rd place

Best Animation

The Apostle Paul - 1st place

The Prodigal - 2nd place

The House- 3rd place

The Apostle Paul - Greece

The House - United Kingdom

The Prodigal - Thailand

The Look - Iran

Life for each other - Iran

We - Iran

Best Animation Music Score

The Apostle Paul - 1st place

We - 2nd place

Best Biblical Story

Prelude to the King- 1st place

Road to Emmaus - 2nd place

The Garden - 3rd place

Prelude to the King - California

The Garden - California

Road to Emmaus - California

Best Youth Film

Viktoria - 1st place

My Red Ball - 2nd place

The Grounded Astronaut - 3rd place

Viktoria- Italy

My Red Ball - Italy

The Grounded Astronaut - North Carolina

Best Children Film

Imagine Barry - 1st place

The Red Rose - 2nd place

Best Teaser

Negative - 1st place

Futbol - 2nd place

Benevolent - 3rd place

Ringer - California

Benevolent - Kenya

Charles Clayn – Decisions - Germany

Fade - Iran

Futbol- Soccer - Brazil

Negative - Italy

Limit - Iran

Waiting For You - Texas

BransonIFF is a Christian, faith-based, family friendly festival. All films will be free of nudity, profanity and sexual content.  The Festival is designed to educate, equip and empower Christian Filmmakers from around the world here in the heartland of the United States.

"Branson is the perfect place for such a festival. It's large community of existing entertainers and it's heartbeat for God and country make it a natural environment for growing Christian filmmakers. Plus the good 'ol fashioned hospitality makes it memorable for visitors." Deborah Watson- Director