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Congratulations to the winners of our 2nd Annual film festival

The top award - AGAPE AWARD recipient, received recognition with the plague of achievement. (pictured below)

1st place winners who were present to receive their award, received a medal of honor.(pictured below)


2nd place winners receive 1 FREE VIP pass to next years festival.


3rd place winners receive 1 FREE submission through filmfreeway every year for the next 5 years.


Again, congratulations, now, let's go create content.

2019SEMI .png

Best Full Feature

The Open Door - 1st place

Mattie - 2nd place

Susan - 3rd place

Mattie - Georgia

Second Chance - Indiana

My 3 Boys - North Carolina

Devil, Get The Heck Out of Here - Texas

Daddy - Florida

Susan - United Kingdom

The Open Door - Wisconsin

The White Rider - Missouri

Best Music Score

Mattie - 1st place

The Open Door - 2nd place

Devil, Get the Heck Out of Here - 3rd place

The Open Door - Wisconsin

Mattie - Georgia

Devil, Get the Heck Out of Here - Texas

Best Cinematography

Susan - 1st place

Golnesa - 2nd place

Daddy - 3rd place

Susan - Florida

Golnesa - Iran

Daddy - Florida

Best Actor

Michael Jeske - 1st place

Cameron Arnett - 2nd place

Michell Thornton - 3rd place

Sean Hunt as Chapman in The White Rider - Missouri

Cameron Arnett as Sam Sr. in Mattie -Georgia  

Michael Jeske as Sam in The Open Door - Wisconsin

David Ruprecht as Roy in The Open Door - Wisconsin

Cleto Rodriquez as himself in Devil, Get the Heck out of Here. - Texas

Michell Thornton as Paul in Susan -  United Kingdom                         

Best Young Actor

Jarvious Johnson - 1st place

Ian Doherty - 2nd place

Makari Garfield - 3rd place

Jarvious Johnson as Sam Jr in Mattie - Georgia                

Ian Doherty as Ray in Daddy - Florida         

Makari Garfield as AJ in My 3 Boys - North Carolina      

Best Actress

Cynthia Perry - 1st place

Jennifer Preston - 2nd place

Harriet Burnette - 3rd place

BJ Arnett as Annie in Mattie - Georgia    

Cynthia Perry as Betty Jean in Mattie - Georgia

Jennifer Preston as Susan in  Susan - United Kingdom

Megan Ann Jackobs as Madison in The Open Door - Wisconsin

Harriet Burnette as Maybeline in My 3 Boys - North Carolina                          

Best Young Actress

Sarah Fore - 1st place

Lexi Delarosa, Brianna Hope Beaton - 2nd place

Morgan McKervey, Dakota Bruton, Maria Guerra - 3rd place

*** 2nd and 3rd place were selected to honor them collectively as a team because they worked together as a team

Sarah Fore as Gracie Gail in The White Rider - Missouri    

Brianna Hope Beaton as Mattie in Mattie - Georgia                     

Lexi Delarosa as Caroline in Mattie - Georgia               

Morgan McKervey as Payton Fairbanks in Second Chance - Indiana                             

Dakota Bruton as Sydney Benedict in Second Chance - Indiana

Maria Guerra as Alexis Campbell in Second Chance - Indiana

Alyssa Marchelletta as Sarah in Daddy - Florida        

Holly Lawton as Lisa in Susan - United Kingdom                              

Best Supporting Actor

Rodger Allen Jones - 1st place

Christopher Mulvin - 2nd place

Chad Light - 3rd place

Rodger Allen Jones as Louie in Second Chance -Indiana        

Mychal Wayne as the Pizza Shop Manager in Daddy - Florida             

Chad Light as the Adoptive Father in Daddy - Florida                           

Christopher Mulvin as Prisoner in Susan - United Kingdom          

Best Supporting Actress

Juli Tapken - 1st place

Joan Schuermeyer - 2nd place

Jessica Ramirez - 3rd place

Juli Tapken as Adrienne Fairbanks in Second Chance - Indiana     

Jessica Ramirez as Herself in Devil Get the Heck Out of Here - Texas         

Juli Ann Dinneweth as Adoptive mother in Daddy - Florida                     

Joan Schuermeyer as Mother Taylor in My 3 Boys - North Carolina                      

Best Music Video

Heal me - Canada

Best Student Film

Two Rails from Hell - 1st place

A Simple Moment - 2nd place

Under Pressure - 3rd place

Love After Love - China

Under Pressure - Ohio

A Simple Moment - Ohio

Two Rails from Hell - Missouri

My Red Ball - Canada

A Pair of Horns on a Female Homo Sapiens - Iran

Operation Generic: Reloaded

The Mountain Above - Brazil

Best Documentary

Miracle Matt - 1st place

Reinventing Rosalee - 2nd place

Go - 3rd place

Reinventing Rosalee - California

Behind the Woods and Across the Sea - Virginia

Miracle Matt - Florida

The Vision - Missouri

Go - Kansas

Essie - Alabama

Salt - Bangladesh

Voices From the Silence - Italy

Closure - Nebraska

The dome of universe - Iran

Izeh - Iran

Horns Out - Texas

Faith on Trial - Tennessee

1517 The Flame Rekindled - Tennessee

The Return of Harbor Porpoises to San Francisco Bay - California

2017 Great American Solar Eclipse - California

Creative Artistic Works

Waiting for you - 1st place

Love in the Dark - 2nd place

With my own two hands - 3rd place

Silent - Turkey  

A Lost Penny - France

Nevermind - Turkey

Exist - Iran

Wind and Plaster - Turkey

Ignis Fatuus - Argentina

Waiting For You - Texas

Love in the Dark - Iran

Subconscious - Ukraine

Space Tourist - Colorado

I’ll Walk With God -  United Kingdom

With My Own Two Hands - France

Time and Love and I - Georgia

Best Short Film

Parallel City- 1st place

Epiphany- 2nd place

93 Miles- 3rd place

Oh Aching Soul - Wisconsin

Always Come Home - Kansas
Rachel’s Pitch - South Carolina

Torn Purple - Ohio

Crave - Iowa

Epiphany - United Kingdom

93 Miles - Massachusetts

The Fiend at my Elbow - Oklahoma

Refuge - Alabama

Complicated Dance - Philippines

Our Mud - Philippines

Parallel City - United Kingdom

The List - Oklahoma
The Lost Wallet - Washington

The Lover - Florida

The last moment of ceasefire - India  

A frame for solitude - Iran

Angels Unaware - Texas

Yushka - Russia- 3rd place

Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

I love you Truly - United Kingdom

Modern American Nightmare - California

Best Music Score

I Love You Truly - 1st place

I'll Walk With God- 2nd place

Tapferkeit- 3rd place

Tapferkeit - Utah

Bump - Alabama

Alienation - Louisiana
I love you truly - United Kingdom

I’ll walk with God - United Kingdom

Tomislavov Dnevnik- Taiwan

Epiphany - United Kingdom

Best Cinematography

Epiphany - 1st place

Torn Purple - 2nd place

Yushka - 3rd place

Tapferkeit - Utah

Forever My Love - California

Pickpocket - France

Refuge - Alabama

Epiphany - United Kingdom
Torn Purple - Ohio

The Covet - Florida

Yushka - Russia

Domb - India

Best Actor

Fatmir Haliti - 1st place

Jerry Wisner - 2nd place

Danny Royce - 3rd place

Lorenzo Ferrari as The Priest in Mystical Crisis - Italy

Bob Harmon as Bill inThe Fiend at my elbow - Oklahoma

Danny Royce as Baseball Player in 93 Miles - Massachusetts

Andre Fyffe as Lenny in Epiphany - United Kingdom

Jonathan Bocinsky as Dustin in Crave - Iowa

Edmund Attrill as Tristan in Parallel City - United Kingdom

Jerry Wisner as Joe in The Lover - Florida

Fatmir Haliti as Burmi in Thundra - Kosovo          

Best Actress

Jamie Grace - 1st place

Kimberly Adams - 2nd place

Sarah Worley - 3rd place

Sarah Worley as Maria in Refuge - Alabama  

Jamie Grace as Rachel in Rachel’s Pitch - South Carolina  

Krystal Millie Valdes as Girlfriend in 93 Miles - Massachusetts 

 Elaina Hagstrom as Olivia in Crave - Iowa   

Kimberly Adams as Jessica Maudlin in Parallel City - United Kingdom

Stevie Conway as Melody in The Lover - Florida                              

​Best Supporting Actor

Justin Marosa - 1st place

Michele Bellio - 2nd place

Jude Delos Santos - 3rd place

Michele Bellio as Man in Crisis in Mystical crisis - Italy

Justin Marosa as James in Epiphany - United Kingdom      

Jude Delos Santos as father in Our Mud -Philippines    

Andrew Bowen as Mr. McKnight in Rachel's Pitch - S. Carolina

Best Supporting Actress

Karen Walker - 1st place

Olga Aloian - 2nd place

Stevie Cavalier- 3rd place

Stevie Cavalier as Claire in Refuge - Alabama  

Karen Walker as The fiend in The Fiend at my Elbow - Oklahoma 

Amy Montgomery as Ellen Hume in Torn Purple - Ohio  

Christiana Smith as Emma in The Game - Mississippi 

Olga Aloian as the Painter in All Living Things Go to Heaven -Russia       

Best Young Actor

Iyad Hachachana - 1st place

Naeim Sheikh - 2nd place

Artur Aloian - 3rd place

Jan Nopra Fajardo as Victor in Our Mud - Philippines 

Eubert Orlanda as Roland in Our Mud - Philippines

Artur Aloian as Young Boy in All living things go to Heaven - Russia       

Mohammad Sarvari as Karim in The fishnet and fish - Iran               

Erfan Arefkhani as Young Boy in Childhood Dream - Iran       

Sunny as boy in Through the Looking Glass         

Naeim sheikh Mahbobi as deaf boy in Are You Volleyball - Iran  

Hamed Nadri as Boys friend in Are You Volleyball - Iran

Douglas Steyner as John in Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

Olle Frellin as Mika in Schoolyard Blues - Sweden

Iyad Hachachana as Trisomia Boy in Human - Algeria

Rahul Kamble as son in 15 august - India


Best Young Actress


Maggie Montgomery - 1st place

Mikayla House - 2nd place

Kaylan Teague - 3rd place

Maggie Montgomery as Margaret D in Torn Purple - Ohio 

Kaylan Teague as Jennifer Edwards in Parallel City - United Kingdom  

Mikayala House as Kaylee in The Game - Mississippi     




Best Biblical Story

Prelude to the King - 1st place

Road to Emmaus - 2nd place

The Garden - 3rd place

The Garden - by Daniel Glaser

Prelude to the King - David Helling

Road to Emmaus - David Helling


Best Teaser

Negative - 1st place

Futbol - 2nd place

Benevolent - 3rd place


Best Animation

The Apostle Paul - 1st place

The Prodigal - 2nd place

The House- 3rd place

The Apostle Paul - Greece

The House - United Kingdom

The Prodigal - Thailand

The Look - Iran

Life for each other - Iran

We - Iran

Best Animation Music Score

The Apostle Paul - 1st place

We - 2nd place

Best Biblical Story

Prelude to the King- 1st place

Road to Emmaus - 2nd place

The Garden - 3rd place

Prelude to the King - California

The Garden - California

Road to Emmaus - California

Best Youth Film

Viktoria - 1st place

My Red Ball - 2nd place

The Grounded Astronaut - 3rd place

Viktoria- Italy

My Red Ball - Italy

The Grounded Astronaut - North Carolina

Best Children Film

Imagine Barry - 1st place

The Red Rose - 2nd place

Best Teaser

Negative - 1st place

Futbol - 2nd place

Benevolent - 3rd place

Ringer - California

Benevolent - Kenya

Charles Clayn – Decisions - Germany

Fade - Iran

Futbol- Soccer - Brazil

Negative - Italy

Limit - Iran

Waiting For You - Texas

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