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Best Creative Work

Password - Directed by Hassan Mokhtari

Color- Directed by Scottshak


Twist Again- Directed by Andy Guérif


Voicemails From Strangers- Directed by Gregory Austin McConnell


Gestuno - Directed by Emek Safak Aslan


Blindfolds - Directed by Micah Gerber

Best Television Series

CHI-nanigans - Directed by Jil Ross, Tavia Woodie

Best Toddler Film

The Christmas Carrot - Directed by Matthew Hill


The Topaz Troop - Directed by Tori Ewing

Best Youth Film

I am God- Directed by Oriri Osayomore

I am a Tree- Directed by Omid Seifi


Bosa - Directed by Aitana Serrallet

Children's Film

A Home for Curiosities - Directed by Ben Tobin

10 ka 4 - Directed by Rahul Yadav


Just a Little Christmas - Directed by Amanda Diego Polematidis

Best Biblical Story

Sticks and Stones - Directed by Nate Carroll

The Story of Job- Directed by Jose Nieves


Word for Word Bible Series - Directed by Nathaniel Mervar

Best Animation

Not Winter- Directed by Hassan Mokhtari

Leaving - Directed by Mathieu Robin, David Martin

To Catch a Fish - Directed by Debbie Bonzon

True Love - Directed by Andres Reyes

Best Documentary

USA market

Hearts without Borders - Directed by Peter Stewart

Sergeant Major Long - Directed by Keagon Doyle


The Orphan's Hands - Directed by Keagon Doyle


A Brave Hope - Directed by Benjamin Koppin


Salt and Light- The Miracle in Hollywood - Directed by Rob Loos


Unexpected Journey - Directed by Don Albert

GLOBAL market

My Heart is Not Afraid - Directed by David Sipoš

Is There More? - Directed by Dave Watts


Saved -  Directed by Thea Elisabeth Haavet


Sarevo - Directed by Mohammad Abdollahi


MISSION market

Fighting for Freedom of Faith - Directed by Thea Elisabeth Haavet

Reap What you Sew- Directed by Tyler Adams

Finding Home in Boomtown - Directed by Matt Maxwell


Divine Appointments - By Luke Broersma


The Scillitan Martyrs - Directed by International Media Ministries

Warriors to Lourdes - Directed by David Naglieri


Aldrich, Henry’s Hometown - Directed by Jay Cofield

Best Short Film

Pushing Envelopes - Directed by Debbie Sutcliffe


Lullaby - Directed by Roger Villarroya

The Simple Path - Charles Moore


Adoration - Directed by Ian Woodward

Best Cinematography

Kendall's Dream - Directed by Victoria Hagni


Pushing Envelopes - Directed by Debbie Sutcliffe

Reap What You Sew - Directed by Tyler Adams

Best Actor

Rear View- Miles - Timmy Barron


The Darkets Red - Adam - Kyle Burger


Pushing Envelopes - Ray - Mickey Stone

Best Actress

Pipe Dream- Carol Burnett - Lisa Ferris

Wildflower - Leila - Amanda Thomas

Send Me Wings - Sarah - Rachel Cannon

Best Young Actor

The Note Book - Josh - Josh

Send Me Wings - Jesse - Isaac Anton


Lullaby - Nico - Yanni Labaye

Best Young Actress

Pipe Dream - Young Carol- Olivia Benz

Rear View- Madison - Bela Nikolic

The Ring - Jaycee - Mackenzie & Avery Clynes

Best Supporting Actor

Wildflower - Leila's father - Kirk Griffith

The Simple Path - Aman - Mario Beverly

Pipe Dream - Eddie Foyer Jr - Blair Leatherwood

Best Supporting Actress

Pipe Dream - Nanny - Maggie Upton

Pushing Envelopes - Tammy - Tris Marie

Pushing Envelopes - Susan Smith - Cami Jenkins

Music Score

Sacred! - Directed by Ian Woodward

Voice Surrounding the City- Directed by Rafael Fernanz

A Thousand Cranes - Directed by Leonard Chan

Bury It - Directed by Amanda Murphy

Honorable Mentions


By- Jamie Kassler

My Day

Over Time




Greener Pasture & Thus Says the Lord - By Paul-Esupofo Oriade


One Click Away - David VanLandingham


Anand -By Elizabeth Thomas

The Father I Never Knew - By Don Albert


Each One Teach One - By Frank X. Panico


Ordinary Commission - by Jacob Valk

Best Student Film

The Note Book - Directed by Esabella Strickland

Wayne: My Grandpa’s Story - Directed by Andrew Snow


One Day Till Tomorrow - Directed by Maggie Budzyna


The Field - Directed by Sam Gipple

Best Teaser Nominations

Tchaikovsky in Love- Directed by Ian Woodward

Mentoring Men for Mission - Directed by Brandon Kauffman


Without Words - Directed by Jacob Johnston

Who is Who - Directed by Eduard Agarunov


Thus Says the Lord - Directed by Paul-Esupofo Oriade


The Czar of Hollywood - Directed by Christopher L. Bright


Our Common Home – Directed by Mykhailo Bogdanov

Best Full Feature

The Reliant- Directed by Paul Munger

Heart of Africa - Directed by Tshoper Kabambi Kashala


The Author, The Star & The Keeper - Directed by Steven Zambo

Music Score

Beautiful Dreamer - Directed by Stephen Lipscomb


Alan and the Fullness of Time - Directed by Marcus Cook


Heart of Africa- Directed by Tshoper Kabambi Kashala

Best Actor

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Darius - John Calhoun


The Land - John Martin- Herman Johansen

Heart of Africa - Gabriel - Moyindo Mpongo

The Author, The Star & The Keeper - The Keeper - David Ruprecht

The Reliant - Jack - Brian Bosworth

Best Actress

A Happiness Long Awaited - Ding - Dong Wei

The Land - MaryLou - Kathleen Warfel

The Reliant - Sophie - Mollee Gray

Best Young Actor

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Alan - Brooks Harvey

The Reliant - Jimmy - Blake Burt

Beautiful Dreamer - Young Jimmy - Finn Leichner

Best Young Actress

The Reliant - Faith - Kiera Strauss

Beautiful Dreamer- Rand - Katelyn Farrell

The Reliant - Young AnnaLee - McKenna Bintz

Best Supporting Actor

The Author, The Star & The Keeper - Bruce Marchiano

The Reliant - Rick - Kevin Sorbo

The Brothers’ Christmas – Si Clark - Clayton Van Huss 

Best Supporting Actress

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Caroline - Nichole Doimer


The Reliant- Liz - Julia Denton


Heart of Africa - Yvette - Amour Lombi




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