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Submission with no images

Breaking the Silos- By Michael Matheson Miller
Life Lessons of Stickball- By Michael Matheson Miller

Deep Return- Directed by Gabe Schmidt- Student Film

Best Script

A better Choice- By Tim Lewis                                                                       
A Dialogue with Pandora- By Esabella Strickland                                    
A Few Good Miles – Epi 1& 2- By G.Michael Nicolosi                                                        
A future Romance- By John Martins III
Arizona Sunrise- By John Martins III
Brook Farm- By Alexander Wake
Can You See Me?- By Kimberly J. Richardson

Execution Day- By Mike Reid
Foreign and Domestic- By James Broadwater
Glimmer- By Gayla Prewitt
Looking for morning- By Gary Ivey
Pericles and Ruth- By John Martins III
Running the bases- By Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble
Secrets of the Black Forest- By Dale Norman Green    
Seed Police- By Gayla Prewitt
Stop Dyrette: The Josephus Conspiracy- By David Garrett
Summer of 69- By Eric Sollars, Michael Sollars, Geoffrey Sollars
The Apostle- By John Martins III
The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile- By Tony Gioutsos
The Christmas Kid- By Carmen Lindsay
The Last Ones- By C.D. Peterson
Then and There, Here and Where- Esabella Anna Karena Strickland
Trial by Trial- By John Martins III
Verified- By Gayla Prewitt
Wide as the Western Sky- By Jeanne Dukes

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