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Many great films began as books adapted to screenplay. Others came straight from the creative mind of scriptwriters. Meet the authors of those stories.

Authors join us at the festival to promote their books and connect with producers and directors.

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Margo has visions of a daughter no one else remembers. Her family has her declared insane. Is Margo crazy, or is this part of a bigger conspiracy to erase the existence of the daughter she remembers. Will Margo find the answers before it is too late to save her sanity or possibly her daughter’s life?

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Through a series of open letters to her favorite actor, Daniel Craig, the author details her struggles with abuse, mental illness, and her ultimate triumph over both.

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Can one person really make a difference in a dark world? Can a nation be saved from certain judgement through the faithfulness of one person? The bible says yes. Not only that, but the word also shows us what type of person can persuade God to withhold his hand of judgment against a rebellious nation. It takes a hero. Not man's idea of a hero, but what scriptures describe as a hero of faith. A hero deep within us all to bring us victory in these last days.

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Harper Lee and Me - By Don Thompson

A mid-life crisis prompts a depressed but highly intelligent and sensitive man to research and understand one of the world’s greatest novels and its author, Harper Lee. During this process of self-discovery, he regains faith in himself and reconnects with his family.

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A Boy Named David - By Robert McIntosh

A young shepherd, forced from home, sets out to avenge the wrong done to his family by the barbaric monster of his nation's greatest foe.

Witnessing Maurice - By Kim P. Wells

An elderly descendant who holds the relics of the martyred St. Maurice, conscripts his estranged grandson to preserve their faithful Christian lineage and ancestral bond with their spiritual protectors —the martyred Roman Legion.


The Rings of Talmoorin By Dennis Doud

The wrong place at the wrong time. Or is it?

Perfect By Christmas- By Kimberly Jade Soliman

When a wealthy, small-town lawyer forces a homeless shelter to close in order to protect his altruistic, disabled daughter who runs it, she makes a Christmas wish with Santa to have been born normal in order to save it.

By Kimberly Jade Soliman


The Hidden Garden - By Sean Guerrero

A medical doctor struggles to find a cure to save others and his own soul. While fighting faith after losing a child to the viral strain, a recently promoted VP seeks help as she fights to hold onto her faith. After being diagnosed with the strain, desperation meets greed when an unknown benefactor sets out to see his vested interest play out with no exceptions.

The Answer - By Tina Coleman

Atheist Jenna feels like she has to jockey with her overachieving sister, Tess, just to gain her mother, Phyllis' attention, and she's at odds with her mother because of it. Phyllis, a God-fearing woman, tries to remedy the situation by spending time with Jenna, but to no avail. Unfortunately, Phyllis winds up dying from a crushing car accident, and now Jenna's sure there's no God; if there was, then he wouldn't have taken her mother! An angry Jenna gets a big surprise when she dies from a kayak accident and finds herself in heaven. Crystal clear water, singing flowers, and a lion with gold dust in its mane are a few of the glories Jenna experiences as she travels through a place she once denied existed. Then Jenna sees something she never could have imagined... her mother!

a good example.jpg

A Good Example - By Lawrence Whitener

When a white high school coach is "told" to adopt his non-white, abused homeless athlete, he must overcome his own child abuse fears. Both heal each other's scars as they build a winning team for the first time in their school's history. Based on a "True-American" story.

Vale of Shadows - By Gary Ivey

After he is shot, a drug dealer is reunited with a high school friend who tries to help him have a better life, but first, they must both battle the seen and unseen forces swirling around them.


David’s Star - By Matthew Murray

A delightful story of an inexplicable space phenomenon juxtaposed against the special relationship of

10-year-old David Jenkins and his pawpaw.

Letters to Daniel- The Series - Amy McCorkle

A writing partnership turns sisterhood when one half is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


“A FEW GOOD MILES” By G.Michael Nicolosi

An Animated Situational Comedy centering on a tight knit yet flawed Christian family.

Dominion - By Anne Mace, Kevin Parsons

When her business burns down, a burned out veterinarian escapes to a tropical paradise with her trusty companion, Domino. Ava meets a stranger who has a beautiful peace. Something she longs to obtain. A life threatening disease challenges her to choose the world's way or to start over. When the storm comes, Ava has one chance to let go and trust Him.


The Hannah Ratnam Triology




In 2009, with her daughter growing up, Hannah, a Canadian immigrant from Pakistan reflects on her relationship with her own mother who was a prayer warrior gifted with many spiritual gifts, wondering how she can become more like her.

Runfor Refuge.jpg

Run for Refuge - By Renee Tedford

In an isolated and harsh society, fear of punishment rules the villagers lives. A young outcast, Caleb's quest for food turns into a run for refuge as he’s accused of murder. Jonas, a devastated father, will stop at nothing to get justice for his son.

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