In partnership with the filmmakers responsible for the films below, we want to thank you for your consideration in using them as an outreach to your communities and a fundraiser for your ministries and the film festival. Licensing fee's are due priro to delivery of full file, which can be sent electronically or via DVD. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Package I

Julia Fulmer is a 17 year-old from South Carolina, who at 13, was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL. Her cancer journey brought with it many challenges, but also offered the opportunity for Julia to develop her “voice” as a storyteller. She teamed up with Think Ten Media in Los Angeles and created this satirical portrayal of the entertainment industry. Join Rachel Jensen, a quirky but ambitious young filmmaker, played by Jamie Grace, as she attempts to pitch her ideas to Mr. McKnight, an intimidating big-time producer. (12 minutes and 33 seconds)

Recently divorced, decorated Afghan veteran, Dagon, does the best he can to finish raising his thirteen-year-old son Leo. But with both of them dealing with PTSD, it's not an easy task.

Password - Army

40 minutes

Looking for greener pasture in other country may not be the option , never compromise your stand in faith. Produced from Nigeria.

5 minutes and 13 seconds

A young man in church who is single an has already to bout five sisters in Church.. Will all accept and what will marriage counseling committee do? Find out in this short movie.

4 minutes and 45 seconds

Package II

Tapestry is the story of a man (Stephen Baldwin) in the midst of a heavy personal and spiritual crisis. Aided by his Father (Burt Young), and his family, he embarks on a personal journey that will forever change him.

1 hour and 31 minutes

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Package III

'Finding Home in Boomtown' is a verite documentary about Briana & John-Mark Echols’ dream to build a tiny house community for the homeless of Midland - a West Texas oil town that is the nation’s 2nd wealthiest city. Filmed over a period of 2 years, our story starts as the Echols sell their newly built, custom home & most of their possessions, move into an RV & commit their lives to helping the homeless. As the story continues, the contrasting relationships (husband/wife, parents/children, affluent/homeless, culture/convictions) create the greatest tensions throughout.

1 hour and 20 minutes

Package IV

Ahab Cunnings is your typical never satisfied bachelor who is facing financial troubles, but it would seem his luck had changed when he learns of a hidden mob treasure. However, some treasure should be left undisturbed when he soon realizes that something is hunting him.

12 minutes

After building an experimental machine, an out of work computer engineer must choose to live in a loveless marriage or risk everything by using a machine to spend time with ghosts from the past.

1 hour and 15 minutes