August 1st – 31st


Step 1 - Sign Up for the Challenge to produce a short film in one of these Genre’s (cost is $24.00)

Adventure                          Action                   Drama                   Comedy

Thriller/Suspense              Horror                   Musical                 Romantic Comedy

Documentary                    Western        


Step 2 - Pick 5 – you will pick 5 of the above listed genre’s that you feel confident you can produce. Then the Challenge 24 team will pick one of them for you.


Step 3 - You will then be given a chapter in the Bible and a prop that must be placed at some point in a scene, and you will have 24 hours to write a compelling script based on that chapter in the genre picked for you. (all scripts will be required to be free of profanity, nudity and sexual content) and must be submitted by 24 hours from the moment the Challenge 24 team sends you the chapter and prop details. (24 hours within the time you sign up. Don’t sign up until you’re ready to start writing)

Criteria for script:

  • Must contain fullness of Bible chapter expressed in story.

  • Script cannot be longer than 24 pages

  • Must have suggested prop placed somewhere in story

Script will be judged based on:

               Is script written for genre given?

Is script true to Biblical chapter?

               Is it 24 pages or less?

               Is required prop in at least one scene?

               Is script structured with Act I, II, III?

               Is antagonist and protagonist clear?

               Is plot clear?

               Is the exposition compelling?

Winners of this first ACT will be announced on Sept 5th.



Step 1 – Winning teams must submit list of no more than 24 people’s names that will be working on the script.

Step 2 – production begins. We request that you do not start production prior to Sept. 5th. It is okay to do preproduction steps prior. We are trusting you will follow the rules and have integrity and not start the production process prior to the Sept 5th start dates.

You will then have 24 days to work with ONLY 24 people (on cast and crew list) You may work with less than 24 people but not more than, to produce content and submit for final consideration.

Step 3 - Deadline for submission is Sept 28th at midnight. NO EXTENSIONS. Any submissions sent after that deadline will be disqualified. Please plan on at least 24 hours incase you have any technical issues with your equipment.



Audience at Branson Film Festival will watch submissions and winners will be announced at Awards Ceremony and Farewell Party.

Grand Prize - $500.00 cash prize (can be electronically deposited upon request for security reasons)

Each winning film in each genre will receive $100.00 cash prize

All other viewed films will receive honorary film laurels according to placing.

Challenge 24