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Motion Picture is not the absence of art, it is the presence of all art in motion.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~Karen Colton-Milsap Mt. Vernon Regional Arts Council 

Fellowship of Artisans

                                                   We are here to honor Christian Artisans and help educate, equip, and empower them. We do 
                                                   this by connecting seasoned experts with emerging talent. We are now offering a fellowship
                                                   program to bridge the gap between the two throughout the year. This allows the festival event 

                                                   to be a time of coming together and celebrating and awarding participants for their work.


                                                   The Artisan's Fellowship is available to multi-disciplinarian artisans. Our focus is on film productions,
actors/actresses, producers, directors, music, and script writers. We also encourage a wide array 
                                                   of visual artists and performing artists to participate. Basic membership is free.


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