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Doors OPEN to explore April 7

Because the Omni Metaspace is a new platform for our event, we are able to grant access to you on April 7th. This will give you a chance to explore the space and become familiar with it.

Professional Gamer

The Actors VOICE

Audition for The Actors Voice, or be part of the audience. Stay tuned for more details.

9 more days until festival tickets are available!.png

Vendor Booth

Do you have books, DVD's, or offer services and want to have a vendor table at the event?  Email us today for details at

Art Gallery

Real People Real Time

You will always have someone from our team available to help you understand the process so you never miss anything you want to be a part of.

Similing Team

7 Theater experience

You will tell by the color and style which continent the theater is from. You can meet other people from your region or be cross-cultural in your experience.

Yellow Marionette

Agents, Managers, Producers, Directors

As your career grows, you will find agents, managers, producers, and directors as some of your strongest allies. Meet professionals ready to help you rise up and continue growing the global faith-based film industry.

Office Meeting
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