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Finding Inspiration in Every Story

helps us keep our lives on track

The sea of content available to people through television, theaters, and streaming platforms has divided audiences and people around the world. Here, we can bring them back together by creating conversation about their favorite stories.


     *We want to keep some of the top family friendly films that encourage people in their faith in Jesus Christ in front of our audiences at festival and throughout the year.
    *We want to introduce them to emerging stories of faith that are either rejected or become lost in the popular streaming platforms.

     *We have built a 25 theater megaplex called The Fringe Entertainment District, in a digital platform called Megaverus. It will bring family and friends back together again in a movie theater experience. Even if they are separated by time and space.

The Branson International Film Festival has developed a reputation of having strong quality content at the event and we look forward to providing it to our clients and fans through our "Keep Your Life on Track"


You can develop an affiliate partnership with us by selecting one of the options below, or all of them. The choice is yours. We're here to serve. Here's to keeping Inspirational, Family Friendly, Christian Films in front of people on a daily basis.


Pacific Division
Mountain Division
Central Division Market
Eastern Division Market
Global Division
Fuel the Fire
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