Cameron Arnett’s commitment to the Lord is reflected throughout his career. He is a man of integrity with a legacy from generation to generation.


You may recognize him from “Miami Vice”, “China Beach”, “Star Trek”, “Doogie Howser, MD.” Or “My So-called Life”. Or more recently Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns”, “Adrenaline”, “Badge of Faith, or “Extraordinary”. You can watch his work at the festival in “Mattie” on Saturday April 6th, 2019 @ 2:15pm, on Amazon “Challenger Disaster”, or in theaters, in the Kendrick Brother’s film “Overcomer, or Ty Manns “Redeemed”.


His faithfulness to the Lord spills over into his relationship with his equally talented wife, BJ Arnett, and their family, both biologically, spiritually, and through their community in Atlanta.  Together, they are responsible for the work through, CAPS,,, and


It is with humble adoration, we welcome to the festival Apostle “Camy” Arnett and his anointed, spiritual daughter, Shawn Collins.


“Who is Shawn Collins?” Glad you asked.


She's a rising solo recording artist bursting onto the scene and running each of her lanes with grace, love, creativity and much passion! She has discovered that every God-given gift, calling, purpose and talent is to be poured out to ignite, inspire and encourage others! There is much to be said about this young lady, but her pursuit to die with no dreams left in her, speaks for itself.

Cameron Arnett