Best Creative Work

Password - Directed by Hassan Mokhtari

Color- Directed by Scottshak


Twist Again- Directed by Andy Guérif


Voicemails From Strangers- Directed by Gregory Austin McConnell


Gestuno - Directed by Emek Safak Aslan


Blindfolds - Directed by Micah Gerber

Best Television Series

CHI-nanigans - Directed by Jil Ross, Tavia Woodie

Best Toddler Film

The Christmas Carrot - Directed by Matthew Hill


The Topaz Troop - Directed by Tori Ewing

Best Youth Film

I am God- Directed by Oriri Osayomore

I am a Tree- Directed by Omid Seifi


Bosa - Directed by Aitana Serrallet

Children's Film

A Home for Curiosities - Directed by Ben Tobin

10 ka 4 - Directed by Rahul Yadav


Just a Little Christmas - Directed by Amanda Diego Polematidis

Best Biblical Story

Sticks and Stones - Directed by Nate Carroll

The Story of Job- Directed by Jose Nieves


Word for Word Bible Series - Directed by Nathaniel Mervar

Best Animation

Not Winter- Directed by Hassan Mokhtari

Leaving - Directed by Mathieu Robin, David Martin

To Catch a Fish - Directed by Debbie Bonzon

True Love - Directed by Andres Reyes

Best Documentary

USA market

Hearts without Borders - Directed by Peter Stewart

Sergeant Major Long - Directed by Keagon Doyle


The Orphan's Hands - Directed by Keagon Doyle


A Brave Hope - Directed by Benjamin Koppin


Salt and Light- The Miracle in Hollywood - Directed by Rob Loos


Unexpected Journey - Directed by Don Albert

GLOBAL market

My Heart is Not Afraid - Directed by David Sipoš

Is There More? - Directed by Dave Watts


Saved -  Directed by Thea Elisabeth Haavet


Sarevo - Directed by Mohammad Abdollahi


MISSION market

Fighting for Freedom of Faith - Directed by Thea Elisabeth Haavet

Reap What you Sew- Directed by Tyler Adams

Finding Home in Boomtown - Directed by Matt Maxwell


Divine Appointments - By Luke Broersma


The Scillitan Martyrs - Directed by International Media Ministries

Warriors to Lourdes - Directed by David Naglieri


Aldrich, Henry’s Hometown - Directed by Jay Cofield

Best Short Film

Pushing Envelopes - Directed by Debbie Sutcliffe


Lullaby - Directed by Roger Villarroya

The Simple Path - Charles Moore


Adoration - Directed by Ian Woodward

Best Cinematography

Kendall's Dream - Directed by Victoria Hagni


Pushing Envelopes - Directed by Debbie Sutcliffe

Reap What You Sew - Directed by Tyler Adams

Best Actor

Rear View- Miles - Timmy Barron


The Darkets Red - Adam - Kyle Burger


Pushing Envelopes - Ray - Mickey Stone

Best Actress

Pipe Dream- Carol Burnett - Lisa Ferris

Wildflower - Leila - Amanda Thomas

Send Me Wings - Sarah - Rachel Cannon

Best Young Actor

The Note Book - Josh - Josh

Send Me Wings - Jesse - Isaac Anton


Lullaby - Nico - Yanni Labaye

Best Young Actress

Pipe Dream - Young Carol- Olivia Benz

Rear View- Madison - Bela Nikolic

The Ring - Jaycee - Mackenzie & Avery Clynes

Best Supporting Actor

Wildflower - Leila's father - Kirk Griffith

The Simple Path - Aman - Mario Beverly

Pipe Dream - Eddie Foyer Jr - Blair Leatherwood

Best Supporting Actress

Pipe Dream - Nanny - Maggie Upton

Pushing Envelopes - Tammy - Tris Marie

Pushing Envelopes - Susan Smith - Cami Jenkins

Music Score

Sacred! - Directed by Ian Woodward

Voice Surrounding the City- Directed by Rafael Fernanz

A Thousand Cranes - Directed by Leonard Chan

Bury It - Directed by Amanda Murphy

Honorable Mentions


By- Jamie Kassler

My Day

Over Time




Greener Pasture & Thus Says the Lord - By Paul-Esupofo Oriade


One Click Away - David VanLandingham


Anand -By Elizabeth Thomas

The Father I Never Knew - By Don Albert


Each One Teach One - By Frank X. Panico


Ordinary Commission - by Jacob Valk

Best Student Film

The Note Book - Directed by Esabella Strickland

Wayne: My Grandpa’s Story - Directed by Andrew Snow


One Day Till Tomorrow - Directed by Maggie Budzyna


The Field - Directed by Sam Gipple

Best Teaser Nominations

Tchaikovsky in Love- Directed by Ian Woodward

Mentoring Men for Mission - Directed by Brandon Kauffman


Without Words - Directed by Jacob Johnston

Who is Who - Directed by Eduard Agarunov


Thus Says the Lord - Directed by Paul-Esupofo Oriade


The Czar of Hollywood - Directed by Christopher L. Bright


Our Common Home – Directed by Mykhailo Bogdanov

Best Full Feature

The Reliant- Directed by Paul Munger

Heart of Africa - Directed by Tshoper Kabambi Kashala


The Author, The Star & The Keeper - Directed by Steven Zambo

Music Score

Beautiful Dreamer - Directed by Stephen Lipscomb


Alan and the Fullness of Time - Directed by Marcus Cook


Heart of Africa- Directed by Tshoper Kabambi Kashala

Best Actor

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Darius - John Calhoun


The Land - John Martin- Herman Johansen

Heart of Africa - Gabriel - Moyindo Mpongo

The Author, The Star & The Keeper - The Keeper - David Ruprecht

The Reliant - Jack - Brian Bosworth

Best Actress

A Happiness Long Awaited - Ding - Dong Wei

The Land - MaryLou - Kathleen Warfel

The Reliant - Sophie - Mollee Gray

Best Young Actor

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Alan - Brooks Harvey

The Reliant - Jimmy - Blake Burt

Beautiful Dreamer - Young Jimmy - Finn Leichner

Best Young Actress

The Reliant - Faith - Kiera Strauss

Beautiful Dreamer- Rand - Katelyn Farrell

The Reliant - Young AnnaLee - McKenna Bintz

Best Supporting Actor

The Author, The Star & The Keeper - Bruce Marchiano

The Reliant - Rick - Kevin Sorbo

The Brothers’ Christmas – Si Clark - Clayton Van Huss 

Best Supporting Actress

Alan and the Fullness of Time - Caroline - Nichole Doimer


The Reliant- Liz - Julia Denton


Heart of Africa - Yvette - Amour Lombi




BransonIFF is a Christian, faith-based, family friendly festival. All films will be free of nudity, profanity and sexual content.  The Festival is designed to educate, equip and empower Christian Filmmakers from around the world here in the heartland of the United States.

"Branson is the perfect place for such a festival. It's large community of existing entertainers and it's heartbeat for God and country make it a natural environment for growing Christian filmmakers. Plus the good 'ol fashioned hospitality makes it memorable for visitors." Deborah Watson- Director