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Steven & Beth Zambo

Scott Branan

Steven Zambo, has been president of Salty Earth Pictures since 2003. He and his wife Beth, who serves as Vice President, established the media production studio as a 501c-3 non-profit organization in order to create, encourage, and distribute entertainment and media that challenges minds, lightens hearts and strengthens souls.

Salty Earth Pictures has produced and distributed 6 features and a documentary. They also provide reasonable and professional production services to other non-profit organizations. Films that they currently have in distribution include Movie Critters Big Pictures (2003), Journey to Paradise (2011), Mister Scrooge to See You (2014), The Return (2017), The Open Door (2019), Big Elvis – The Pete Valley Story (2020), and The Author, The Star and The Keeper (2021). Salty Earth Pictures is currently in post-production on it’s 7th feature “Stand in the Gap.”

Beth Zambo also works in disaster relief with Christian Aid and Relief. The Zambo’s have assisted with volunteer efforts and produced videos on Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, and many other domestic and worldwide relief situations.

The goal of the movie ministry is to have at least one feature and/or document in production annually. There are two documentaries currently in development as well as an 8th feature they hope to shoot in late 2022.

Salty Earth Pictures has a 30,000 square ft. studio in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. They offer tours and a make a movie in a day experience. Part of the mission of the organization is to train up the next generation of visual story tellers in order to share the hope that they have in Christ Jesus.

Salty Earth Pictures will also host the 4th Annual Salty Earth Film Festival celebrating faith-based movies, shorts and screenplays. The dates are November 12 – 14. You can submit your work for the live/virtual event on Filmfreeway.

Steve spent almost a decade as a college professor in digital media. Producing, Screenwriting and Directing are among his areas of experience. Come and learn about 1) a team of five talents. 2) producing on a modest budget 3) studio vs mission 4) finding talent 5) distribution and 6) The non-profit vs. profit model.

To learn more about Salty Earth Pictures please visit

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