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MICRO CINE I Documentaries


1:00 p.m.

Hope in the Holy Land – Directed by Jesse Schluntz                1:51:00 minutes

Barefoot Doctors- FLC – Directed by JP Ferraro                          37:44 minutes
Born to Reveal the Works of God - Directed by Jeremy Pope      43:03 minutes

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Shorts - Animation - Student


1:00 p.m.          SHORTS AND MUSIC

Breaking the Silos - Conservation & the Fight Against Poverty           22:32 minutes        Directed by Michael Matheson Miller
Life Lessons from Stickball - Directed by Michael Matheson Miller     14:42 minutes
Just Lean – Directed by Ashley Hays Wright                                      13:00 minutes

Calf Rope - Directed by Bradley Hawkins                                           28:46 minutes

Clouds – Directed by Aaron Brewer                                                    17:00 minutes
Breaking Strongholds Epi 1 – Directed by Jake Allen                         41:53 minutes

Rapture Watch - Directed by Keith Hudson                                          1:14 minutes

The Wood Patent - Directed by Keith Hudson                                      3:17 minutes

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Thursday & Friday


Amica - Directed by Mira Steuer                               2:18 minutes

A conversation with E - Directed by Esabella Anna 

Karena Strickland, Taylor Mitchell and Skylar A  

                                                                                  5:03 minutes

Time Never Comes Back - Directors Nikolaos Galanis,
2nd grade students in Skala Lakonias                      1:29 minutes

You Can Achieve Anything, Just Believe It! - Directed by Nikolas Galanis and 2nd grade students in Skala Lakonias

                                                                                  1:47 minutes

First Day of a Chick - created by Anastasia Shinkarenko

                                                                                  1:45 minutes

Magic Head  - created by Anastasia Shinkarenko    3:49 minutes
What God wants - Directed by Mykhailo Bogdanov  6:25 minutes
Our Father - Directed by Jacob Watkinson 
           10:36 minutes

One Ruler – The Power of Persecuted Church

Directed by Ruut Ahonen                                        41:00 minutes

It’s look sunshine - directed by Kim Seunghwan     24:16 minutes

Evade - Directed by David Ferreira                         17:42 minutes

Eye to Eye – Directed by Fernando Vanessa           1:00 minutes
Coronavirus Poem - Directed by Lucy Gatenby        2:04 minutes

Journey - Directed by Hock Wong                          10:00 minutes

My Diary at the end of the world -
     Directed by Rafael Simberg                               15:09 minutes

Giants Fall - Directed by Andreas Kranzler               5:29 minutes
A Manger Miracle - Directed by Jeanne Dukes        4:57 minutes

Two Silver Coins - Directed By Jeremy Pope          11:00 minutes

Music Video's

You're In Control - Directed by Andreas Kranzler     4:37 minutes

Kids and Foreign Films

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Documentary - Biblical


     1:00 p.m

     Bobbi Jo – Under the Influence – Directed by Brent Jones     1:42:00 minutes

     To the ENDS - Directed by Mark Kock, Chris Smith                   13:00 minutes
     Clinton Strong - Directed by Nathan Griffey                                29:36 minutes

     Death to Life - Directed by Nate Powers                                     49:14 minutes

     Tempter - Directed by Daniel Glaser                                             5:00 minutes

     The Story of Job - Directed by Jose F Nieves                               0.59 minutes

     The Book of Revelation - Directed by Jose F Nieves                  27:00 minutes

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Shorts - Animation - Student


 1:00 p.m.          SHORTS

The Dark Places - Directed by Tommy Kendrick                         16:21 minutes
Empty Nest – Directed by Sheran Goodspeed Keyton               26:24 minutes

Fireworks – Directed by Tim Searfoss                                          6:15 minutes

Sorry - Directed by Candace Kirkpatrick                                       9:58 minutes

Senior Discounted - Directed by Jay Pennington & Gerry Olert-28.38 minutes


Covid Coping - Directed by Debbie Bonzon                                 3:28 minutes

Jingle the Dog - Directed by Chris Bishop, Erin Abbey Bishop   21:50 minutes

Overconsumption – Directed by Ji Seon Lee                                6:18 minutes
Jitterbugs - Directed by Maria McDonnell, Michael Verastegui     5:36 minutes

Of God: Miracles - Directed by  Artie Romero                              5:07 minutes

                       STUDENT FILM

Internalize - Directed by Jacob Katz                                           21:11 minutes

Deep Return - Directed by Gabe Schmidt                                    6:07 minutes

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